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The 90 second rule by erin | 03212016 09062017 did you know emotions only have a shelf life of 90 seconds thats it 90 seconds in less time than you can walk to the mailbox and back in less time than you can clip your fingernails in less time than you can saut an onion your brain has effectively rid itself of the very emotion if you can master your own emotions you can truly trust yourself using the 90 second rule can enable that in a very real way it takes practise but it can be done this method is entirely based on neuroscience and the mechanisms that occur in the brain it is aligned to how we as humans functiontaylor describes the 90 second rule as once triggered the chemical released by my brain surges through my body and i have a physiological experience within 90 seconds from the initial trigger the chemical component of my anger has completely dissipated from my blood and my automatic response is overelliotte rusty harold muses whether the 90 second rule applies to cases beyond shopping taking care of a customer in two minutes is a success doing it in three minutes is a failure mehere says december 29th 2006 at 827 amwhat is the 90 second rule a few days ago tony robbins was interviewed on tim ferriss podcast tim ferris is the author of the 4 hour work week tim interviewed tony on a variety of topics ranging from what he ate to his favorite quotes one of the best questions tim asked tony was how he handles a bad day

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